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Our “Primax Travel” web site reflects our passion for our country that offers a versatility unsurpassed by any other; art, classic culture, history, food, wine, natural scenic beauty, industry, etc...
We would like to share this passion with you. Our detailed know-how, coupled with impeccable contacts in Italy, gives us the necessary tools to plan custom itineraries and any kind of vacation and programs for individuals and small groups.

Our private tours are all tailor-made and unique ... no collective or crowd group tours with us!

We will be pleased to design a magical vacation in all our regions of our delightful land with undiscovered and special itineraries. We can combine the classic and the modern with equal flair.

We offer you the flexibility to plan your luxury holiday package at your own pace, with the tacit knowledge that you are never far from getting the assistance required, if and when needed.

Assistance is provided by local experts and fully conversant with the culture, traditions and travel business in Italy. We take care of all the elements of your holidays, and fine-tune them to satisfy your vacation plans, and ensure that you have a hassle-free and relaxing time.


ultima cena

Ultima Cena
di Leonardo Da Vinci
degustazioni eno gastronomiche
Scrovegni Padova


by CreazioneSito