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The best time to enjoy Italy's climate is from April through July and September through mid-November, when the temperatures during the day are about 70 degrees. Summer in Italy can be quite hot (especially in Venice, where the air doesn't seem to move) and crowded, but if that's the only time you can visit, the weather should not deter you.
Dividing the Mediterranean Sea more or less in two, the boot-shaped country of Italy stretches down from the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps to within the North African coast.


The Mediterranean's temperate waters provide Italy with both an ideal climate and thousands of miles of stunning coastline. At the same time, it is a mountainous country: The snow-capped Alps dominate the extreme northern end of the country and separate it from the rest of Europe, while the Apennines form a rocky spine down the centre of the country.


The triangular Po Valley, which stretches from Milan to the Venetian coast, is both an industrial centre and the nation's breadbasket. South of the Po river lie the beautiful hills of Tuscany and, a little farther, those of Umbria, which Italians have dubbed the green heart of Italy. Except for the Campania region surrounding the Bay of Naples, and Apulia, which occupies the heel of the boot, the Apennines dominate the rest of the peninsula, especially Calabria, the forested province nestled in the boot's toe.


The provinces of Sardinia and Sicily are also Italy's two largest islands, and feature some of the country's most dramatic and un-spoilt scenery. The farther south one travels, the warmer and drier Italy' s climate becomes.

Except in the Alps, summers are dry and very hot, while winters are cooler and wetter. Higher mountains receive some snow. Spring and fall is the most favorable time to see Italy. Skies are sunny, temperatures mild, and the hills, nourished by winter rains, are lush and green.

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