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Turin, the regional capital of Piedmont, is reputed to be a magical city.

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It is elegant and fascinating and it has the privilege position to have been the first capital of the new borne kingdom of Italy ruled by the Savoy Family, (the reigning dynasty of Italy until 1946). Some of the great monumental testimonies of the important role played by Piedmont in modern Italian history being  for long the head of the country are: the Royal Palace, Palazzo Madama, the Mole Antonelliana, and the Royal Villa at Stupinigi.


In the cathedral of Turin is kept the Holy Shroud, the ancient linen winding-sheet in which, according to the tradition, the body of Christ was wrapped after his crucifixion.

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And what about Turin’s Museo Egizio? It has the best collection of Egyptian artefacts outside of Cairo. The city is home to Europe’s, not just Italy’s, largest open-air market (Porta Palazzo). This is the birthplace of Vermouth, grissini (bread sticks) and agnolotti (crescent-shaped ravioli).


Primax TravelBut Turin is much more … it is strictly related to Agnelli Family whom built Fiat, the world’s seventh largest car manufacturer and to the Winter Olympics that Turin hosted in 2006.

It’s impossible to say Piedmont and not relating it to Turin although a region of many diverse landscapes with exceptional beautiful sceneries and many other cities witness of the rich historical past.

Novara, Vercelli, Cuneo, Alessandria, and Asti, to mention some example still conserve numerous civic and religious edifices which bear old testimonies: fortresses, basilicas, convents.
The natural landscape is splendid and varied: mountains that make this region one of the best skiing resorts , valleys, hills (the Langhe are famous as the setting for many stories by Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio, famous writers from Piedmont), lakes (Maggiore, d'Orta, di Viverone), and the Valgrande National Park.


Piedmont is home to Italy’s famous white truffles, Gianduiotti and fantastic Barolo and Barbaresco wines.

The writer Henry James said, “Turin is not a city to make a fuss about. Yet, despite its reputation, the center of this city shines and offers surprises around every corner”.

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