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The richest, most highly developed and most densely populated region of Italy but also a cultural workshop and an open-air museum with its cities of art, monuments and Abbeys. Lombardy offers innumerable avenues for a journey through history and tradition: a cultural, artistic and architectural experience that will amaze and fire your imagination in a thousand ways.

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From its verdant plains and its Natural Parks to the historic charming towns like Mantua, Cremona, Monza, Brescia, Lodi, Cremona,  Pavia and Bergamo that preserve their palaces, churches, buildings as well as all its treasures and folklore; from the marvellous atmosphere of the lakes Lakes Maggiore, Varese, lseo, Como and the northern part of Lake Garda to the magnificent mountains that are the glorious setting for international winter sports events; to the crowning glory which is the rich gastronomic and winemaking tradition that has made this region famous throughout the world.


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Milan, the region’s capital, is a world-class center of finance and fashion; here everything that is modern and advanced finds its home. Milan sets the trend. Yet, beneath its thick aspect of a dynamic and modern metropolis projected towards the future, Milan conceals extraordinary architectural and artistic treasures such as famous monuments like La Scala, the famed opera house; Da Vinci’s The Last Supper; the Castello Sforzesco, the Brera picture gallery and the most striking monument of the Gothic period: the Dome.


Whether on foot, or on horseback, by bicycle, motorcycle or car, Lombardy is a region that you should explore slowly, savoring all the colors, fragrances and flavours.

Among all those who have loved the beauty of Lombardy over the centuries:
Leonardo da Vinci, Stendhal, Napoleon, Manzoni ... except you if you have not been.

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