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A spectacular narrow stretch of land protected by Mountains and facing the sea, mountains and cliffs that seem to rise directly out of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is the dominant landscape of Liguria, fascinating and breathtaking with its  narrow strip of beaches, fishing villages  with colourful pastel buildings built into the mountainsides overlooking the foaming waves crashing against the cliffs, coastal towns, islands and, wild and  unspoiled nature.


Liguria, famous throughout the world for its climate and splendid panoramic views doesn’t lack of emotions and sensations for its beauty as well as it is able to bring you back to many historic memories.


Liguria is also rich in monuments which suddenly appear to your site and fascinate you for their amazing beauty, ancient defence towers stretching out towards the Primax Travelsky-blue immensity, small churches surrounded by cluster pine trees, oaks or chestnut woods, sanctuaries clinging to mountain peaks, miles of walks with stupendous panoramic views on sea and inland.

The regional capital is Genoa, one of the main ports of the Mediterranean, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, the great navigator who discovered the Americas. A powerful marine city since the Middle Ages, Genoa preserves the traces of its great history to a remarkable extent. Imposing buildings, sumptuous aristocratic houses and great churches testify to the splendor of the past and integrate perfectly with the fabric of the modern city. In the other provinces of Liguria (Imperia and the other two important port cities of the region, La Spezia and Savona) there are countless natural and artistic attractions.


The peninsula of Portofino and the Cinque Terre are exceptional examples of lush and intact Mediterranean landscape; Portovenere is a small, exemplary jewel of the Mediterranean coast much loved by Byron, Shelly and Keats, and where part of The Count of Montecristo (the Tony Curtis one) was filmed; Sanremo (where the vastly hugely Festival of the Italian Song is held in the casino every year) is one of most typical and famous seaside towns in Italy. Among the many monuments of great historical-artistic worth, we will limit ourselves to the example of the splendid Benedictine abbey of S. Fruttuoso in Camogli. The pleasure of discovering the others is yours.

Liguria is known for its wide variety of fresh fish, and also for its fresh herbs and vegetables from the hillsides. The pesto sauce is divine, as are the varieties of handmade pastas, focaccia and local light white wines.

Travelling throughout Liguria is a continuous search for hidden corners in a salt and sun smelling blooming nature.

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