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Saying Lazio we immediately think to Rome; The Caput Mundi. The pull of the Eternal City is great and irresistible, the capital of the Christian world, the seat of the Papacy, the incomparable home of architectural and artistic masterpieces of the ancient world, the place of innumerable artistic and religious treasures, the display of the famous Dolce Vita. It’s a hard work to name all at once.

At Ascoli Piceno the blend of medieval and renaissance architecture arrests the attention of even the most distracted visitor; the main square “Piazza del Popolo” is considered one of the most beautiful square of Italy. Urbino, jewel and witness of renaissance grandeur, today is a college town, home to the Universita di Urbino, one of the oldest universities in the world, keeping the city’s intellectual and artistic heritage alive.

Is it possible to resist the fascination of Rome? It may be difficult, but don’t stop with it.


Think Rome has the only ancient treasures in the region of Lazio? Think again.
Outside the city, you will find the Baths of Caracalla, the ancient Appian Way with its catacombs, the ruins of Ostia Antica with the ancient Roman port ruins. You will even find a bit of the Vatican outside of Rome with the Pope’s summer residence in Castel Gandolfo.

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Lazio is a region of fascinating nature and environment, with an extraordinary variety of landscape: wide beaches that make fascinating all the coastline from Capalbio to San Felice Circeo; great pinewoods, mountains like Terminillo (an excellent ski resort), gentle hills and expansive plains like the renowned Castelli Romani and the Frascati Wine area. A region rich in artistic monuments that bring to mind the long and extraordinary history of this region in the most immediate fashion.
How can we forget Tarquinia, Cerveteri and Tuscania, necropolises and museums bear evidence of ancient and mysterious Etruscan people (seventh to sixth centuries B.C.) who ruled central Italy before the rise of Rome or Rieti, Viterbo, Latina and Frosinone as countless testimonies of the Roman and later historical eras.


Primax travelThink to the splendid and grandiose Villa Adriana or Villa d’Este in Tivoli with its many fountains; the Palazzo Barberini in Palestrina; the Cathedral in Anagni; the Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola.

Think to the amazing Abbey of Montecassino, mother house of the Benedictine Order and key stronghold between Rome and Naples during the Second World War or the Abbeys of Casamari , Fossanova and  the monasteries of Subiaco, places dear to St.Benedict of Norcia and much … much more!

Latium, therefore, is not just Rome. And Rome is also Latium.

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