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Primax TravelCalabria, the ankle and toe of the Italian “booth”, with its wonderful nature, bizarre coasts, picturesque cliff lines, gorgeous beaches, the staining relicts, and the neat coastal towns, offers more than classical beach holiday.


To Homer, the Greek author of The Odyssey and The Illiad, Calabria was a far-Primax Traveloff, magical and dangerous place, where heroes rose to spectacular challenges and overcame olympian odds.  Ulysses and his crew, for instance, sailed through the monstrous pass of Scilla and Charybis, in reality the narrow, turbulent strait between the Calabrian mainland and the Island of Sicily. Calabria is history comes to life in the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia in the city of Reggio di Calabria which houses the the Riace Bronzes, dating back to around 500 BC, the two stupendous Greek statues dredged from the sea by an amateur diver in 1972. Since this discovery, the region became famous world wide. Calabria offers incredible archeological sites as Locri capital of the Magna Grecia; largest cities as Consenza, lauded for its food and spectacular views of open farmland and mountains from its own mountainside location; small inland villages lie in attractive settings as Gerace, Stilo, Vibo Valentia; picturesque and spectacular coasts as the famous worldwide Tropea; numerous architectural and artistic masterpieces of unexpected quality and  exquisite beauty such as for example the Codex Purpureus, a rare sixth-century Greek gospel conserved in the Museo Diocesano in Rossano, with silver lettering and illustrated with splendid elegant figures and religious scenes.


Primax TravelCuisine in the Calabria region, typical of the Mezzogiorno, is often spiced with peperoncini (small chili peppers) and features foods readily available such as pork and wild mushrooms. Calabria is well known throughout Italy for its dried pork (salame piccante) and spicy sausages (salsiccia piccante). For millenia, the people here have made pottery, spun wool, knitted plain garments.  Primax TravelThey've milked their goats, made bread, rolled pasta, fermented wine and distilled limoncello, a sweet lemon aperitif.  They have gone about their business, shop-keeping, worshipping in their numerous churches and Domes, and observing holy days and feast days around the year with pious gusto. And they do all of this today, a self-sufficient, self-reliant, practical, and stubborn; no nonsense people whom other Italians say are "testa dura" - hard headed. In ancient times, there were periods when Calabria could boast wealth and importance, but by the end of the 16th century, Calabria fell into decline, its people some of the poorest in all Italy.

Their poverty propelled the mass emigration of the late 19th and early 20th century, when millions of Calabrese came down from their mountain redoubts and clamored onto ships that took them to "new worlds", particularly in the USA and Canada. But now... Calabria is reclaiming its past glory and pride, tired of being the forgotten and neglected part of Italy it grew accustomed to being during the last 500 years or so and ready to transform itself into a premier destination.  It's got everything going for it.

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