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Ciao from Priscilla & staff ... PriMax Travel creators!

Italy has long been favoured as a holiday destination rich in timeless treasures of art and architecture, landscape and seascape, with a charming people and enviable lifestyle. When you choose an Italian holiday with PriMax Travel, you are partaking of our passion for our incredible and seductive country and also letting us take care of your holiday with a sense of professionalism that we believe is second to none.

PriMax Travel understands that your trip to Italy means experiencing as effortlessly as possible the beauty, splendour and charm that set Italy travel apart from any other destination. Our Italian vacation holiday is carefully designed with this in mind, to transform your trip into an exclusive, unique and extraordinary journey.

A jump into our Italian culture with private art collection tours, medieval villas, museums, personalized jaunts, art courses, cooking classes, wine tasting and much ... much more! With also the chance to escape into nature on a sail boat or a horses ride through hills and woods. And many other services: the result of all this is an expedition full of passion and full of ease.


We love our work because we see ourselves satisfying your dreams.


primax travel

Canal Grande a Venezia
gran teatro di Siracusa
Siracusa: Gran Teatro


by CreazioneSito